2525 Second Avenue
Lake Charles, Louisiana

City-wide Ecumenical Prayer Service

Tuesday, July 28  6:00 pm.

2525 2nd Avenue

Hosted by First Presbyterian Church and

First Christian Church

Join several area churches to pray specifically for communities

of Chattanooga and Lafayette,

As well as for those who defend our freedoms nationally and locally…

Military and law enforcement personnel.

We will pray for God’s empowering us to be instruments of God’s peace and reconciliation.

And perhaps above all, to join TOGETHER as the body of Christ

That is His ‘catholic’, UNIVERSAL Church

to pray for strength in the fight…

“for our struggle is not against flesh and blood…

But against the powers of this dark world and

Against the spiritual forces of evil…”  (Eph 6:12) 

Thanks be to God that in Christ, we have the VICTORY!


After over 60 years of ministry at 1801 Second Ave, this community of faith has embarked on a new adventure.  Much like the ancient Israelites set out into the wilderness to follow God’s call, so too has this body of believers entered into the ‘wilderness’ in order to seek God’s will for God’s church.  Until we erect a more permanent ‘tent’ in the future, F.P.C. will be sharing a temporary location with another congregation, First Christian Church, at 2525 Second Avenue… just down the street from our previous location.  This is an exciting time in this church’s long history… Come and join the journey!