Oak Park Elementary School

Our home in the Lake Charles Community is Oak Park and we are determined to make a Christian difference, starting with the children.
Oak Park Elementary, al ma mater to some of our members, is filled with children who are learning how to be leaders, thanks to their Leader in Me Program.  Not wanting to be outdone by the children, we are becoming pro-active leaders ourselves by joining the children and faculty to support their program. 
Our efforts are beginning to pay off as attested to by the note from Principal Hardy below:


To Pastor Willis and First Presbyterian Church Family,

On behalf of the students and faculty of Oak Park Elementary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support and partnership with our school. You have touched the lives of so many children who are in need. We thank your church community for supporting our efforts to educate all children. We are so thankful to have you as our community partners. Our doors are always opened to all of you. Thank you for your generosity and support. May God continue to bless all of you.

With Appreciation,

Melinda Hardy, Principal


The "Leader in You" is invited to join Sarah Judson, OPE liaison for First Presbyterian, and the rest of  us as we determine to make a difference in the lives of these OPE children. 
Contact our church office today (433-4667) . . .  and no, being a member of FPC is NOT necessary to participate.  We are praying that people everywhere will partner with us as we work to show God's love to these children by sharing just a little bit of precious time with them.
  1. Pray for the Leader in Me Program, faculty, and the FPC/OPE partnership.
  2. Become a "LUNCH BUDDY".
  3. Sign up to tutor. 
  4. Share some time reading to a child.
  5. Clip and save Community Coffee labels.
  6. Join our FPC/OPE sponsored programs when we have them.
  7. Share the news that there is a way for adults to support the Leader in Me Program at Oak Park Elementary and help any interested person to connect with this community effort.
God Bless You,
The Outreach Team


 First Presbyterian Church Bowling Team
Bowl for Kids Sake- March 2013
Supporting OPE  Leader in Me Program